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Wesley Vreeswijk is a marine aquarium specialist. He is developing his new Aquaja Diamond customized aquarium and is following this proces in his blog ‘Aquaja Diamond Journal’.

Visiting Aquaja

The constructor of my new house has finished the wall in which the aquarium will be placed. What an amazing sight and what a length when you are looking at this wall. In my next blog I will discuss all the details of my new aquarium during my visit of Aquaja’s production facility.

The hole in the wall is 250 cm length, so we will make the aquarium 265 cm length. I willl do this because I can hide my streaming pumps on the side. The total available length in the room where the aquarium will be placed is 288 cm. That way we have enough space on both sides of the aquarium to clean the side walls.

The aquarium details:


The frame details:

The materials:


Aquaja is also specialized in producing shop fittings. Therefor I also want Aquaja to produce the kitchen, which will be installed in the same room as the aquarium. That way everything in this room has the same level of finish and has the same design.

Tour of the Aquaja company

When you enter the production facility of Aquaja you directly notice the glass cutting table, which is fully automatic. Everything is custom-made to ensure a precise fit. I don’t think it can be more stunning!

The finishing of the glass is also done by machinery. Around the workplace there are a lot of (nearly) finished aquariums, the brand-new Aquaja Diamond Line aquariums included. All aquariums really look amazing. You can see the craftsmanship in each seam and in each aquarium.


The Aquaja team consists out of 20 persons and they all have a lot of experience. Most of the personal have been employed by Aquaja for quite some time. You can really see the craftsmanship and the motivation in each staff member. When I am walking around the production facility I get reassured: my new aquarium will be amazing!

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