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Wesley Vreeswijk is a marine aquarium specialist. He is developing his new Aquaja Diamond customized aquarium and is following this proces in his blog ‘Aquaja Diamond Journal’.


In this blog we’re going to talk about lighting. I have decided not to use ATI lighting, so there won’t be a blog about visiting Ati. After gathering some information and visiting various aquariums, we have chosen Philips CoralCare. Philips CoralCare has an amazing light spectrum and the growth of these units really convinced us.

We let Aquaja build a beautiful frame for us, intended for the units on top of the aquarium. This way the lamps of Philips CoralCare can be hanged neatly on the frame and the lift can be used to control the units. Aquaja provides the frame for the lighting, as well as purpose of the lift.

Why Philips CoralCare?
Our new house is energy-efficient and so I started calculating, which is how we came to Philips CoralCare. We’re not only saving tremendously on switching lamps, but also in electricity flow. Philips CoralCare is also low maintenance, because of its passive cooling system.

The program that regulates the lighting is very easy to use. Technically it’s no more than moving a few sliders up and down to set up your color of choice. For this you can download splendid light schemes on the website of Philips.

You only need to connect the lamp with an USB cable and through the controllers it’s possible to operate 4 lights at a time. You can also vary in color and spectrum above the reef. If you have, for example, too much sps on one side of your reef and you want to let it shine a little more with fluorescent blue light? All you have to do is hook the unit up to another controller. This is what makes Philips CoralCare a very fine and complete lighting for me.


As we could not take the tour at Ati’s factory (and because of that I could not write the promised blog about it), I asked Philips for some photo’s of the production process of Philips CoralCare. Amazing to see!

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